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Shore Notary Services LLC

April A. Regis Notary Public


(724) 813-2891



Service area: Pawleys Island, SC · Myrtle Beach, SC · Garden City Beach, SC · Murrells Inlet, SC · Surfside Beach, SC,· North Myrtle Beach, SC

What is a Mobile Notary?

A mobile notary is a licensed Notary Public who provides notary services by traveling to the customer’s location to perform those services. Mobile notary services are provided at a location that is the most convenient for the customer, i.e. at the customer’s residence, work location, or in a public neutral spot (coffee shop, library, etc). Mobile notaries will even sometimes travel to nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and jails to provide services.

There are many reasons why mobile notary services are a convenient option.  These include the ability to reach customers who don’t drive, who are elderly, or who are otherwise unable to be mobile themselves.  Also, since the start of the pandemic, many people have been hesitant about leaving their homes and this still seems to be the case for some individuals such as seniors.  Mobile notary services are also convenient in situations where there are multiple signers or multiple witnesses.

Mobile Notary Services

Unlike UPS who provides onsite notary services, a mobile notary services are more accessible and can accommodate same-day service in a variety of locations.  Booking an appointment in advance with a UPS notary is often required and the customer will need to come to the UPS location for notary services.  Notaries that provide mobile services have flexible service hours including availability after hours, during the weekend, and even on holidays.

Mobile notaries are more in demand than ever. Many Notary Publics are taking their services on the road because of the extra earning potential that it brings. Besides charging a travel fee, some notaries may charge for printing docs or other administrative fees necessary to perform the notarization. 

Please note that we do NOT provide legal advice and we are NOT attorneys. In the State of South Carolina (and several other states along the east coast), a real estate purchase or sale or mortgage loan closing such as a mortgage purchase or mortgage refinance for real estate within the state of South Carolina must be conducted with attorney supervision. 

Pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws §26-1-90 (K) and (J), a notary public may not provide a service that would constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

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