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Our Passport 2 The Art of Livin'

Have you ever gone on vacation, traveled to another country or city and thought, “Wow I’m just a tourist, I wish I was a traveler who got out of one’s comfort zone and embraced the culture”?   Having traveled to 5 different continents over the past 40 years, we have evolved from tourists to travelers at a fraction of the travel costs of most organized tours. 

Tina & Jody Smith have always loved to travel and you could say, they are thrill seekers. They have a strong love for meeting new people, learning about different cultures and experiencing really cool and unusual things. It’s quite a passion they both share. Much of their present confidence and knowledge has come with trial and error which we will share so you can make your own informed choices. In 2021, they decided to move to Italy. They received their VISA's and they were off to Firenze, Italy with 8 LARGE suitcases, their eyes and hearts wide open to their new life in the true Italian culture. They made a dream a reality and you can as well!

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Joel Wilson and Margaret Evans have been cruising the Caribbean and playing golf and finding the best BBQ in as many states as possible since 2018.

Joel, the owner of The Digital Guru marketing company and Margaret, a succesful attorney in Myrtle Beach, will share how to enjoy traveling while escaping the rigors of working 60 hours a week.

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